My first post…and the start of my journey

Make money onlineHaving spent a lot of time over the last few years reading many internet marketing / “make money online” blogs and websites, I have decided to create my very own.

“Why?” you ask

Well, towards the end of October 2017 I will be made redundant from my corporate job after nearly 16 years. I am seeing this as a great opportunity to really do something different with my life and embark on a very different career and life path.

I am taking a somewhat risky decision (with full support from my wife, I must add) to not go straight into another job but to instead pursue a career in internet marketing and “make money online”.

This blog is intended to document my adventures over the coming weeks, months and years.

Who am I?

Well for a start I probably don’t fit your typical internet marketer profile (or a least my view of one). I’m in my early 40s, married and have two wonderful boys. I don’t have a load of savings or “financial runway” so this adventure will really be make-or-break…or its back to the corporate life.

I do have some experience gained in the online world, mainly with niche sites and selling on eBay so I hope to be able to put those skills to some good use.

What are my plans?

I’m not going to give my specific financial goals right now but I can’t be slacking with this journey!

After some thinking over the last few weeks (and months…..and years), my plan is to build a business/income around the following areas:

  1. Niche sites – I will be working on 4 existing sites that I have
  2. eCommerce/dropshipping – using AliExpress but also looking at Pinterest as a traffic source
  3. A multi affiliate blog – this exists but needs a major overall in time for January 2018
  4. A local news/business website – 2 posts on that site already…so some way to go
  5. A “mums” blog in partnership with my wife. She already has some decent local followers on Twitter
  6. A big “authority” niche site around a hobby of mine. I hope to have video reviews, products, etc on this site eventually….but not started yet but needs to be up and running for January 2018
  7. Selling on eBay – already doing this by buying items from AliExpress and selling on. Does not make me much total profit yet though

All in all, that lot should keep me busy! My 2 initial priorities though are the niche site (#1) and the eCommerce/dropshipping model (#2).

That’s not all (folks)

As this will be my personal journey blog I will also be blogging about any other money making ideas plus also anything (interesting) that happens in my day to day life.


Thanks for reading and please leave any comments below.

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