My new Apple Macbook Air review

ToshibaAfter about 4 years of using my old Toshiba Satellite laptop this week I made the plunge a purchased a MacBook Air. The Toshiba, or Joshiba as it was modified to (a joke I had wth my youngest son), had done me well. Fair enough, it weighed a ton and was not exactly very portable as the battery was dead and it needed to be constantly plugged into the mains 🙂

I don’t like spending money unnecessarily but as I’m now working on internet marketing full time it felt left I should get a decent laptop. I was originally looking at Windows-based laptops but then in September I got myself an iPhone 7 and was very impressed with the way it synced everything between my iPhone and iPad. All of a sudden the rather over-priced MacBooks suddenly started to seem attractive: “everything could be synced together”, I thought. And that was that, I was now sucked into the Apple “eco system”.

Looking at the prices for the MacBooks its easy to get carried away and spend £1,000s. Initially I wanted a larger 15″ screen but these are not cheap, so in the end I opted for the entry-level MacBook Air with 13.3″ screen. I also went for the cheaper 128gb SSD  option as I save most of my files on OneDrive these days. The MacBook was purchased from John Lewis for £879 and this included a 3 year guarantee plus I also paid an additional £70 for 3 years accidental cover.

What do I think?

Like all Apple products the MacBook Air is extremely well packaged and its a pleasure to open the box. Another good thing was that the battery was nearly fully charged so I could use straight away. Set-up was very easy as well and similar to what you get on an iPhone/iPad. Switching from a Window laptop was relatively straight forward although I’m still getting use to the file manager and keyboard shortcuts (seems like a lot of the Windows laptop keys are missing from the keyboard but I’m sure I’ll pick it up over time). I also found that the 13.3″ screen is more than adequate, so I’m pleased that I did not go for the more expensive 15″ model.

MacBook Air 2017

So what’s good?

  • Overall quality
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Integration with iPhone/iPad – for example being able to take calls on MacBook
  • Sound quality is very good
  • Speed of the i5 processor is more than adequate for my use
  • Nice backlit keyboard
  • I like the way you can lift the lid without the whole MacBook flipping over
  • Long power lead that can be split into two sections (very neat) plus the magnetic connection to the MacBook
  • Battery life is very good – a full charge will last most of the day

Whats not so good?

  • It is expensive compared to a Windows laptop
  • I thought the screen would be higher definition than it is. I have probably been spoilt by the Retina displays on the iPhone/iPad (and my old expensive work Dell laptop)
  • I actually thought the mail and file manager apps look a bit dated compared to Windows
  • Cannot connect my Apple Lightning headphones to any port

Overall though I’m very pleased with my purchase and have already seen an increase in my productivity…I just need to earn more now to justify the purchase 🙂

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