October 2017 update – Progress so far

Well its been an interesting few weeks since my first post!

About 2 weeks ago I was ill with stomach pains and this turned out to be a burst appendix which required 2 operations and a decent stay in hospital.

This also meant that I spent the last day of my corporate job laid up in a hospital bed – not exactly what I had in mind a few months ago. I did manage to mark the occasion though by taking a phone screenshot of the time my employment finished (16:45 on Friday 20th October, to be precise).

My hospitalisation also meant that we had to miss our planned family holiday…a double whammy for my wife and kids as they spent the school holidays visiting me instead. I am extremely grateful though for the support they have given me over the last few weeks.

At least the hospital stay has allowed me some time to further cement my thoughts on what I want to do with my IM career. Following my initial (and quite big) idea list, I will now focus on 4 key project areas:

  1. Authority site – this is an established Amazon affiliate site which earns around £500 per month. The main plan for this site is to build it into an “authority” site by making it look a more professional brand, add tons of informational content to pull in search traffic and create product review videos with actual products (I purchased my first product to review just before I went into hospital). I will update on the progress of this site through separate posts on this blog.
  2. Amazon niche sites – I have a number of other Amazon affiliate niche sites that I have paid for link building over the last few months. In terms of a project though I will be focussing my efforts on one established site that was built in 2015. This will be done using purely “black hat” techniques. I am documenting this project on the Blackhatworld.com site and you can find the updates here.
  3. Dropshipping site – this is something I have looked at for over a year now. I already purchased the AliDropship WordPress plugin (affiliate link) but messed about trying to decide what niche to pick and never really took much action. Over the last few weeks though I have researched this whole business model more and from what I can see it comes down to identifying a few winning products through some decent investment in Facebook advertising. For this project I have made a start this week by identifying 10 products in completely different niches. I also have the bare bones site up and running and hope to have it completed by the end of this week, with a view to start Facebook advertising early next week. Facebook advertising is new to me but I’m finding Miles Beckler’s tutorial a pretty amazing guide. I will most likely document this project’s progress on the AliDropship forum as it had some great people on there that know the business well.
  4. Amazon FBA – I’m kicking myself for not starting this nearly 2 years ago but it’s something I still want get into and I think there is plenty of potential still. My interest has been renewed by Andrew Minalto’s recent blog post (I have been following Andrew’s for ages as his ebay blog is packed full of useful info). I have put my name down for his Amazon Sharks course but I gather it may not open until early December. I never normally buy courses but I’ve a lot of respect for Andrew and believe he will be an excellent motivator and coach. In the mean time though Im going to go ahead and purchase the JungleScout tools so I can start some product research. It’s most likely I’ll document progress through a separate thread on this blog.
  5. ItsMeStew.com – In addition to the above I also want to see how I can monetise this blog. The primary aim is to document my IM journey and hopefully provide value to others but I wil also look at monetisation through various affilate programmes. I will only ever recommend products and services though that I have bought and used myself. I will probably write seperate reviews for each service and I’ll always make it clear if the link is an affilate link.

As always, please leave any comments or questions below 🙂


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